Endovenous laser treatment (ELVT)

( Endovenous laser treatment)
endovenous laser treatment

The laser fibre heats up the wall of the diseased vein, shrinking and shutting it down.

The treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia. By means of ultrasound control, the sick vein is punctured on the leg with an infusion needle (as with an infusion in the arm when lying in hospital). After inserting a guide wire, a laser fibre is repositioned under the guidance of an ultrasound scan to the place where the varicose vein originates (groin or knee fold). The laser fibre heats up the wall of the diseased vein, causing it to shrink and shut off. This restores the poor blood flow in the limb. In addition, mini phlebectomies are performed where necessary.

The largest scars you have after this treatment are maximum two millimetres.

When the effects of the local anaesthetic have disappeared, usually after an hour, you can return home. After-treatment consists of the wearing of a compression stocking. Your recovery will be smoother if, in addition, you follow lymphamat digital gradient intermittent compression therapy (no manual drainage!) from the day after your treatment. You will receive a prescription for physical therapy for this after your treatment. Please check in advance whether your physiotherapist has the right device available.

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