with duplex-colour ultrasound

Almost all arteries and veins in the body can be examined with duplex colour ultrasound. This is a painless outpatient examination . By combining an ultrasound scan with the Doppler signals and speed measurements of the blood flow, a correct diagnosis of the problem can be made quickly. Depending on the pathology and the blood vessels examined, the examination takes a few minutes to half an hour.

Depending on the result of the duplex ultrasound, an additional examination may be necessary. An MRI scan or angio CT scan will be requested if a treatment of the arteries is to be expected. The results of these examinations can then be used to discuss whether endovascular treatment (with catheters and balloons) or surgery is the best option. In case of varicose vein problems a duplex colour ultrasound is almost always enough to make a correct diagnosis and to propose a treatment.


In the surgery of Dr. Vercaeren (Zoersel) & the surgery Ganzenkuil (Malle)

Varicose veins

Non-surgical or surgical techniques: depending on the clinical findings and the duplex colour ultrasound, the best treatment options will be discussed with you.

Artery Diseases

Treatments in case of artery diseases such as claudication, oxygen deficit in the brain, aneurysm and kidney malfunctions.

Aesthetic treatments

The most common treatment in case of “spiders" or broken capillaries are laser and sclerotherapy, whether or not combined.

Laser centre

We offer you the opportunity to use the latest laser equipment during the consultation to treat many diseases of both blood vessels and also all kinds of benign skin disorders.