Vascular surgery and laser treatments

Vascular surgery is a surgical discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. We also take care of your treatment of aesthetically disturbing blood vessels, varicose veins, spiders and rosacea. The latest laser equipment is used for this.

If you have a vascular problem, or complaints that may be caused by vascular diseases, there is often a long way to go before a correct diagnosis can be made or an appropriate modern treatment can be provided. We strive to help all our patients according to the latest vascular treatment methods (endovascular), under local anaesthesia. We help you to make the right choice, even without referral, and offer you a correct diagnosis and modern treatment in a short period of time.

Diagnosis and treatments

in the surgery of Dr. Vercaeren (Zoersel) & the surgery Ganzenkuil (Malle)


Almost all arteries and veins in the body can be examined using Duplex colour ultrasound. This is a painless outpatient examination.

Varicose veins

Non-operative or surgical techniques: Depending on the clinical findings and the colour duplex study, the best treatment option is proposed, including the new venaseal-treatment.

Vascular diseases

Treatment in case of vascular diseases such as claudication, oxygen deficit in the brains, aneurysm and dysfunction of the kidneys.

Aesthetic treatments

The most common treatments for "spiders" or broken capillaries are laser and sclerotherapy, whether or not in combination.

We are specialised in laser treatment

During a consultation with us, we provide you with the most modern laser equipment available to treat many diseases of blood vessels such as marring veins on your face and legs. In addition, with the most advanced technology a wide variety of benign pigmentation disorders in men and women with any kind of skin tone can be safely and effectively treated.

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